10 Worst Things to Say To Someone Struggling With A Mental Illness

Photo Credit: Jeshoots
Photo Credit: Jeshoots

Sadly, there are many families, friends, and even co-workers who are insensitive to someone else’s mental health challenges. It’s a sad reality but it exists more than you may think. As a therapist, my experience over the past 6-7yrs in the field of mental health has been that our society lacks knowledge and grace when it comes to the words they use to describe, relate to, or even attempt to comfort those struggling with a mental health challenge. Believe it or not, many people are lost for words when someone says “I am seeing and hearing things,” “I am feeling suicidal and don’t see the purpose in life,” or “I am feeling so anxious that I cannot sleep.” Compassion is the key to relating to those who are hurting. Unfortunately, some people cannot pretend to be compassionate if they are not truly caring for others. But some people simply need to learn how to communicate better.

What has been your experience with people who lack knowledge about mental illness? Do they say things that comfort you or do you find that they are insensitive?

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