5 benefits to home-education for kids with behavioral problems

5 benefits to home-education for kids with behavioral problems

Home-schooling was a life saver for me and for many other kids as well. While there are some good hearted teachers, there are also some teachers who are very unlikely to motivate a child to succeed. Most kids today struggle with school for a variety of reasons including but not limited to:

  • Mental health problems (delusions, hallucinations, depression, phobias)
  • Behavioral health problems (ADHD, oppositional behaviors, impulsivity, inattention)
  • Medical conditions (concussions, migraines, nausea, dizziness, asthma)
  • Bullying (cyber, physical, social, verbal)
  • Self-fulfilling prophecies (when a superior such as a teacher views a student negatively, which the student can detect. A student who detects negative vibes from a superior is likely to believe the negative vibes are true and fail).

Children and teens are in a very tough lifetime and it’s best to consider ways to help make life more convenient for them. Who doesn’t appreciate convenience? Learning is about learning only, not negative vibes from a teacher, peer pressure, bullying, socializing, substance abuse, etc.

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