A Reminder: True Meaning During Christmas Time


Hello there!
I wanted to personally send my best wishes for a wonderful holiday season. This time of year is a wonderful time because it allows us to think over the accomplishments of the year, remember people we love, give gifts from the heart, and move forward into the new year. I love Christmas. It is not only a time for family, gifts, and love, but reflecting on our purpose, our divine purpose.
What has your journey been and what will it be? I find myself asking this question a lot, but more during this time of the year. What accomplishments (that are not materialistic) do I want to make in the coming year? These questions are introspective and very significant. Meaning emanates from these questions and has a way of forming new meaning for the coming year.

For some people, like my mother, thinking that far ahead is difficult. You’ll figure it out when you get there! I get you, that’s all well and good. 🙂

But then, there are those who are suffering during this time with missing a loved one, missing someone deceased, or wishing they had the romance and love that Christmas commercialism demonstrates through commercials and music. Sadly, Christmas time isn’t always a joyous time for everyone. If you are someone or know someone who has lost a loved one, know that you are not alone. I lost my dearest cousin 5 days before Christmas in a very tragic way last year. It is something I push to the back of my mind in order to cope. As a family, we will never forget it. So I flood myself with the beauty of the season and I try to remain as realistic as possible. Getting swept up in commercialism, only makes matters worse.

I just spoke with a Twitter follower via email who lost his son during this time to suicide. His son took his life 3 days before Christmas. Instead of wrapping gifts, spending quality time with family, and enjoying the festivities, he was contemplating ending it all. The way this man and his family copes is by staying very close, engaging in family time, and remembering their son. Sometimes attempting to push reality away only makes it worse.

Other people are saddened by the fact that they do not have a child to wrap gifts for, a husband to wake up to, or a family to visit on Christmas Day. Just know that we are all struggling with something around this time and that sometimes the best way to cope with sorrow is by reaching out to others. Having a sense of gratitude also helps.

Remember the homeless, remember those struggling with depression or other mental health conditions, and remember those who may need your smile and love today.

All the best to you in the new year!
Merry Christmas