Biography: About the therapist Támara Hill

Biography: About the therapist Támara Hill


Támara holds to one life principle: authenticity.

While being interviewed by a #1 ranked national mobile website, she explained: “I’ve always had a somewhat difficult time referring to myself as an “expert” because I strive to remain modest in all I do.

I have found that modesty connects me more authentically to families who are suffering.”

While working to help troubled and at risk kids utilize their strengths in the home, school, and community, she became known, internationally, for her passion and dedication to seeing change in their lives.

She strives to not only maintain clarity about the purpose of her own life, but the needs within the lives of parents, families, & caregivers.

“Having a strong woman as a mother has inspired me to reach out to other parents and inspire them,” Hill says.


Támara Hill, MS, NCC, CCTP, LPC, is a licensed clinical child and family psychotherapist, and an internationally/board-certified trauma therapist, with 14 years of experience, who specializes in treating children, adolescents, and families who suffer from mood disorders, unresolved trauma, and disruptive behavioral disorders. She provides international consultations and works with young and older adults struggling with grief and loss or life transitions. Hill has serviced in various clinical settings for children and teens such as residential treatment facilities, partial hospital programs, academic settings, emergency rooms and hospitals, and now in private practice. She has served as a clinician with teletherapy platforms such as Cerebral, Teladoc, and MDLIVE.

As an author with New Harbinger Publications, Hill published her first book on racial trauma in February of 2023 titled The Racial Trauma Handbook For Teens: CBT Skills to Heal from the Personal & Intergenerational Trauma of Racism. Through this work Hill is able to help teen clients to realize and actualize their strengths in their home environments and in their relationships within the community. She is internationally recognized for corresponding literary works, as well as appearances on radio and other media platforms. In her spare time, Hill serves as an expert contributor for and expert trainer at for educators. She is an international and keynote speaker, family consultant, and founder of Anchored Child & Family Counseling in Pittsburgh, PA.


Therapy and Advocacy

As a human, a woman, and a trained therapist in this chaotic world, I understand the pressures that accompany parents, families and caregivers in the mental health and educational systems.

I also understand the uphill climb of those struggling with trauma, major life transitions, loss, and grief. In my 11 year career, I have learned both practical and professional lessons involving the healthcare system and the various legal, financial, educational, and insurance-related difficulties that challenge families throughout.

After starting my international blog Caregivers, Family, & Friends through Dr. John Grohol’s Psychcentral platform in 2013, I began (and continue) to market my services to frustrated, confused, and depleted parents, families and caregivers.

Although there is always more to learn, I strive to provide education, support, and guidance to those who see me for counseling and consultation.



What is your counseling approach?

My counseling approach is primarily educative and supportive. It is  based on loose existential and cognitive behavioral (CBT) principles. This means that while I focus on perceptional influence, I like to focus on what life means to you and what your experience “speaks” to your existence. Understanding how your life impacts others, how your emotions and thoughts influence you, and how you approach the world emotionally (and/or spiritually) makes a difference in how you approach the challenges you face.


When I am working with children and teenagers I maintain this approach while also focusing on building a therapeutic rapport using play/art therapy. Family sessions occur as frequently as needed and often includes me providing education and guidance. If I do refer a family for a comprehensive evaluation, I guide the family through the process.

Therapy is a reciprocal journey based on the relationship and authentic connection between patient and therapist. My view is based on the concept that humans will experience pain and suffering, anxiety, and depression as well as a desire to live a meaningful and purposeful life. But there is always a way to cope and derive greatness from these things.

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Do you see adults?

Yes. I see college age and older adults for challenges with life transitions, grief, or loss. I also provide group counseling in my office to adults interested in learning tools for managing difficult relationships, boundaries, traumatic childhoods, and parenting. These 1 hour counseling groups occur every summer for 3 months and is covered by insurance.


Why are you known as an “international trauma therapist” and “international media contributor (i.e., international appearances)?”

Although I have done speaking engagements around the world, I provide consultation around the world to individuals wanting to learn more about the mental health system, what services to pursue, how to connect with appropriate services, how to address symptoms arising from childhood trauma, etc. Some of my clients include those from India, Egypt, Canada, the U.K., Australia, and Singapore. I also provide consultations across the U.S.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity of collaborating with a variety of platforms such as The Philippe Matthew Show, National Board For Certified Counselors Foundation,, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Our Health Matters Magazine, PsychCentral Webinar Series,, with Matthew Holland, Laura Reagan, LCSW-C from Therapy Chat Podcast, Ginger Kadlec, Protect Young, and many others.

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