The show was PHENOMENAL!!!!! We are so appreciative of your time and knowledge you shared with us. 

Our eldest daughter was listening and she texted me saying, “I have a lot of maturing to do in my relationship with you and daddy.” 
-Garrick & Leesah’s Relationship Cafe- Blog Talk Radio

“I so appreciate you and the work that you do here, Tamara. You are a blessing and I pray you are blessed in return!”

Lori – PsychCentral.com commenter from blogs.psychcentral.com/caregivers

…Her dedication to the African American Youth and the ease that she related to the group. Everyone in the group said that they felt so inspired after the meeting.”

_______Linda Thornhill NAMI Pittsburgh: Caregiver & Youth In Transition Support Group


“I think that she would be a good contact”

_______NAMI Pittsburgh Chapter Member


Every little bit matters & you are awesome for sharing something so important. It’s so needed yes! Thank u in advance!”

_______@PennyKnapp-Survivors of Suicide Loss 


“You were inspiring. Some of my listeners have called you Amaaazing”

_______Louise Uwacu Show from Canada

To me from Melanie

From Melanie Jimenez from Understanding Schizophrenia blog

The following comment is from a dear woman who has followed my work for years now! She commented on an article I wrote about Christians suffering from depression. You can find that article here.

Some of the wording has been removed for space reasons. But I truly adore her words of encouragement.

Thank you Lori and as always, I wish you the best.

L D 

Dear Tamara,
Truly, there is just something about you, something about GOD in you that draws people in and I would even be as bold to say that you make people want to know more about God and who He is. Not “just” this distant omnipotent Being but as Someone relatable even in the real world everyday stuff! ….
You also spoke of Christian music. I love K Love radio! I don’t know a lot of Christian music but my therapist introduced me to the music of Natalie Grant. I absolutely LOVE her song “Held”–it just touches the wounded little child in me I guess. I also remember as a teen listening on occasion to Karen Lafferty and Sandi Patti and as I got older, to Amy Grant. 

     What an AWESOME thing that you and your mom can be prayer partners and that you can talk to her about spiritual things… She is obviously a Godly woman who has raised her children as God intended. That is great that you have that and a great idea to get a faith or prayer partner!
Thanks for helping me to want to get back to a stronger more solid faith…

2:27 a.m., Tuesday June 20 |