Abusive Parents & 8 Ways To Deal With Them

Abusive parents are difficult to accept.

Abusive parents can be complicated for many years and very difficult for you to understand or live with.

Getting into spats or arguments with a parent who isn’t able to self-reflect, grow, and change can leave you feeling isolated, misunderstood, and depressed for a long time.

A narcissist, a manipulator, a controller, an abuser, or an emotionally reactive parent can say and do all of the things that would trigger a negative response from you such as yelling, threatening, or behaving just like them.

The key to overcoming this vulnerability is understanding exactly who they are.

In this video, I discuss the behavior of abusive parents and family members with a character pathology.

LINK: https://youtu.be/WIQ5Evw7TFA https://youtu.be/WIQ5Evw7TFA