Accepting schizo-affective disorder

thinkingAre you the parent of or know someone who is the parent of an adult child with schizophrenia or Schizoaffective disorder? How would you respond to that diagnosis? What if your son or daughter was a stellar student with gifted abilities and one day lost her hope for a bright future because of a chronic mental health condition? The stress and strain that you would feel might almost take all the life in your soul. In fact, it might cause you to question why.

Many parents who are struggling with a child, adolescent, or adult child with a chronic mental health condition go through a series of emotional and psychological challenges themselves. It’s difficult just trying to accept the diagnosis, treat the illness, live with the symptoms, help a loved one cope, and avoid stigma. Sharon Page knows exactly what this feels like. She not only observed her high functioning daughter slowly deteriorate overtime, but she also struggled with the thought of stigma and social stereotypes.


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Photo credit: Cecilia Johansson