Clinical Fees For 2022(Clients/Patients Only)

Clinical Fees For 2022(Clients/Patients Only)

The following fees are fees that you may encounter while receiving services at Anchored Child & Family Counseling. This information was provided in your intake paperwork at the start of treatment.

If you have any questions, please contact the office: 412-710-2966

Review Of Clinical Fees For Services

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1. No-Show Fees: This fee is the full cost of the appointment which is charged by your insurance. If you are a private pay client, your agreed upon private pay fee of $50 will be the charge. No-show fees may be waived depending on the circumstances surrounding the no-show.

2. Late cancellation fees without proper notice will be charged at a $25 rate. A first time late cancellation fee will be waived.
***All late cancellation and no-show fees are only charged if proper notice is not given for a pre-scheduled appointment. *No-show and late cancellation fees are not charged for intakes as a pre-established relationship has not been formed. If you no-show that appointment, you will not be able to schedule with the practice in the future.

3. Court-related costs: If any clinician under Anchored Child & Family Counseling is required to appear in a court of law there will be a $700 fee charged to the client/patient for this service.

4. If patient/client records are requested for any reason a $30 fee will be charged for print services, postage, and creation of HIPAA-compliant documents or transmission of such documents. *ALL electronic transmission of records are of no charge.

5. If you request transmission of documents to another provider by mail there is a fee associated with transmitting HIPAA-compliant documents. The fee charged is a flat rate of $10. **ALL electronic transmission of records are of no charge.

-Highmark BCBS & BCBS CHIP including other policies under BCBS
-UPMC Health Plan and CHIP including additional UPMC policies (excluding, at this time, UPMC FOR YOU)
-Aetna & Aetna Better Health
-Beacon Health Options
-Specific EAP Services