Adult Children of Mentally Ill Parents

mentally ill parentAdults struggling with mental illness need our compassion and our support.

It isn’t an easy life and without having others to understand you life can seem very hard.

But when you add children to the equation things may change.

We all know kids are demanding and having a family can take its toll.

Trying to balance a mental health condition and parenting can seem impossible.

If not treated correctly, it can damage the child forever.

In this video, I discuss the impact mentally ill parents can have on their children, especially if they are not getting help.Adult children of mentally ill parents may have experienced a host of behaviors and attitudes that might be hard for others to understand. When a parent isn’t doing well it is easy for them to displace emotions and sometimes neglect appropriate treatment.

If this is the case and the parent refuses to take responsibility for getting help, the children can suffer for years. This often results in either the child experiencing problematic behaviors or their own mental health challenges. Adult children may look back and feel their childhood was characterized by trauma.

Sadly, some adult children grew up never fully understanding why their parent never sought help or treated them as they did. It’s important for children to understand that there is a reason for the behaviors of an unhealthy parent.