Adults of Emotionally Detached Parents |”Can The Past Tell Me Something?”|

Adults of emotionally detached parents can truly suffer.

Adult children of emotionally detached parents is a topic I have discussed so many times on this channel. One reason is because it is a rarely discussed topic that could help you make sense out of a lot of interactions with these parents. Emotionally detached parents are difficult to manage because they often lack the ability to relate to you as an adult and may come across as dependent, overly emotional, controlling, obsessive, angry, and sometimes dominating. A good question to ask yourself is “would understanding their past help me understand why they act as they do now?” In this video, I highlight a few things you may want to consider in helping you understand your emotionally detached parent.



0:00 intro

2:08 what’s in the past can tell you a lot sometimes

3:05 dishonest charm and manipulation

4:00 substance abuse and addiction

4:40 unemotional and callous behaviors

5:12 impulsivity and inattentiveness

5:42 thrill seeking and riskiness

6:14 irresponsibility and dangerousness

6:34 sexual promiscuity and shallowness

7:34 grandiosity and pathological lying

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