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I regularly review books, pro-bono (or free) for authors writing about mental health topics such as the mental health system, counseling and psychotherapy, psychiatry, relationships, psychopharmacology, and general psychology. I previously reviewed books for Oxford Press, Routledge, Rowman & Littlefield, Norton, New Harbinger Publications,, among many others.

To read some of my professional book reviews, visit and enter “Tamara Hill, LPC book reviews.”

Book reviews are completed between 7-9 weeks and will be posted on this website and promoted via social media if accepted.

I will accept PDF or hard copies of submissions. Please include the following with your submission in PDF or Word Document format:

1. A brief overview of the topic/book or subject

 2. Publishing company name and year of publication

3. Experience with the topic and a 100 word biography (Optional: picture included)

4. Link to a website or book site where the book is listed

5. Your personal website or social media sites you would like listed with the book review

6. Brief explanation of why you wrote this book

When you submit your book, you will receive a response, within 7-9 weeks, accepting or denying the book for review. Manuscripts (i.e.,hard copies) or PDF files will not be returned to the author. Book reviews that are denied will not be returned to the author.

Please send your completed manuscript (hard copy) to:

Book Review Request

Tamara Hill, LPC

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Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, 15017

Please send your electronic copy to:

Please note: I reserve the right to deny a book review that does not meet the goals of

To request a book review before sending your electronic or hard copy, please complete the form below: