Are you blogging for mental health?

I'm Blogging for Mental Health.

“I’m blogging for mental health” is a campaign started by the American Psychological Association to bring awareness to mental health in the general sense. I have received various emails over the course of the year after starting my PsychCentral blog section. I have taken comments from my emails (having obtained permission of course!) and I have listed them below for you to consider.

Consider how what I mention directly impacts you, a loved one, or friend. Also consider whether you agree or not and why. This “exercise” helps you to iron out matters of mental health within your own mind. I welcome your comments and questions too!

Mental health:

  • Depression is the leading cause of disability in the United States according to the National Institute of Mental Health
  • Many people are uninformed about mental illness
  • Stigma associated with seeking mental health treatment prevents many from seeking treatment
  • African American males and other men of color are the majority within our prison system due to untreated mental problems
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders and Aspergers Syndrome is not a mental illness but syndrome
  • Delusions can occur in perfectly normal individuals who do not have a mental illness
  • It’s harder to care for a child or adolescent with a mental illness than an adult

Mental health system:

  • Civil commitment is the process by which an individual can receive psychiatric treatment against their will or by signing themselves in
  • Civil commitment laws are too lax today and create more problems than benefit society by not providing long-term treatment for severe illnesses
  • Children and adolescents should receive involuntary commitment if they are a danger to themselves or others
  • Residential Treatment Facilities are emotionally detrimental to kids
  • “I am so confused about everything mental health related!”
  • Systemic barriers include people who are afraid to be stigmatized and people in support of civil liberties without a balanced perspective

What do you think about these statements? Do you agree or disagree? Can you add to this list?

I always grow from your comments so feel free to share your thoughts.

All the best