Are you perfect?

I was sitting and reading some inspirational material and a wonderful revelation came to me. I was thinking about the struggle of all humans to strive to be their best. Sometimes striving is met with resistance in the forms of jealousy, hatred, or resentment from others; trials and challenges, pain and discouragements, physical/mental/or emotional ailments, and other stressors of life. Sometimes we feel like we’re so close and other times we can feel so far away. How could this be? Why do humans roller-coaster in their level of confidence, certainty, and security? It’s a human thing, a human condition.

I don’t believe there is one human upon the face of this earth who is 100% confident and hopeful at all times, unless you are Narcissistic or sociopathic. But for the rest of us, our confidence fluctuates.

So I wanted to share my revelation with you tonight in hopes of encouraging you to keep moving forward until the bell of round 2 rings. There is a purpose for your existence.

I wish you all the best!


The #beauty of #life is that I am not perfect, but I am perfectly aware of my flaws & have the integrity to admit & strive to correct them