Are You Ready? 2021 Reflection With Activity

ARE YOU READY FOR 2021? (therapeutic activity below)!

“Although time has changed the face on the clock still looks the same. Don’t be fooled.” __ Mother
My mom used to say all the time that the face of the clock looks the same but time has truly changed. And now that I am much older I realize the wisdom inherent in this statement.

When is the last time you felt emotionally and psychologically inspired?

Inspired to do something new, fresh, and different? Inspired to change the current pace of your life for a different speed?

For most of 2020 I must admit I haven’t felt inspired to do anything other than survive and help others survive. With the passing of my grandmother, the mountains of my own health, the challenges of the families and individuals who see me for care, and the complexity of navigating daily life in masks the world has seemed like an Alice In Wonderland. For many of the people who reach out to me for consultations and/or psychotherapy their lives are forever changed and the path they once believed in has become nebulous. I have never seen so many tears, frustration, pinned up anger, and emotional displacement sitting before me in my office as I have this year. Although things may physically look the same in the world around us we are truly different people because of 2020.

I have seen three groups of survivors develop in today’s society:

  1. The group who strives very hard to maintain a positive mindset and hope for the future. These individuals often proclaim “we should be out of this soon. It can’t last forever.”
  2. The group who completely fights the process, refuses to comply, and believes brute force will get them somewhere.
  3. The group who feels unsure about what any of this means and just goes along to get along.

The sad reality is that none of these groups have the answer. Most of us are accustomed to having at least one answer. It’s a sad reality when you have to look at yourself in the mirror or look at a child and say “I don’t know…”

Much is changing and so much has happened in 2020 that you almost begin to ask yourself if you are sane. Second guessing oneself is something I have seen A LOT of this year. Our moods fluctuate with the fluctuations of our lives.

Despite all of this, healing and inspiration is still attainable. It’s attainable in the little moments we may have to enjoy those we love, in our faith, in the time we may take to pause and reflect, and in the time we may find chatting with someone who needs our support. I believe life has transformed in such a way that we have to search a bit harder for inspiration. One place to start is with ourselves.

We must embrace the emotional and psychological changes we have experienced this year and take some time to process how we intend to navigate 2021 realistically. But lets not resort to new years resolutions. LOL

New years resolutions fail because they often reflect an unrealistic desire. When you take time to look ahead 6 months from now, 9 months from now, or 1 year from now you will be in a better position to change things in your life. Taking baby steps is a healthy start. Consistency and dedication is another good step.

*I encourage you to start by using the SMART acronym to set goals:
S – Specific
goal you want to set (e.g., “I want to start a mental health support group”)

M- Measurable
goal that you can measure to see if you are on the right track (e.g., if I can register 6 people for my support group I have gotten 1 step closer).

A- Achievable
goals are ones that you can complete realistically and see yourself progressing toward (e.g., if I work every Saturday for 7 months I should be able to do this).

R- Relevant
goals are ones that make sense and can be achieved (e.g., “will starting a support group really be helpful to my community? Will anyone really buy my idea?”)

goals are time sensitive (e.g., “I have at least 7 months to get up and running. If it doesn’t happen by then I will change my goal.”)

*What are you hoping for in 2021? Share below!

I wish you all the best in 2021 and pray that your goals and aspirations will be realized.