Attachment therapy: A so called “re-birthing” experience


Have you ever heard of attachment therapy? Attachment therapy is a very controversial “treatment” for adopted and foster children who struggle with mental health and behavioral problems. The idea is that adopted and foster children are often traumatized and have not developed an appropriate attachment to a parental figure during early childhood development. As a result, these kids suffer with their adoptive and foster families and struggle to feel a connection to them. This lack of connection is the foundation of their behavioral problems in the home. Neil Feinberg, a proponent of attachment therapy, performs what is called a “re-birthing experience” during a “therapy session.” I encourage you to watch this video without other children around as the experience is quite disturbing.

Attachment therapy is only introduced to adoptive and foster children when a child is diagnosed with the disorder Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). RAD is a condition to describe a group of children, with traumatic and abusive histories, who struggle to develop appropriate attachments to their caregivers/parents. RAD is also a controversial term as it is often applied to children who have been adopted or placed in multiple foster homes. You will rarely see RAD diagnosed in a child who has remained with his or her biological parents. At any rate, Attachment therapy is sometimes promoted and used by therapists who believe in its power to “transform lives.”

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How did you feel about this video? Are you angry? Are you hurt? Are you disturbed? Perhaps you are okay with this type of therapy. I’d like to hear your thoughts. Feel free to post below.