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Tamara is an internationally recognized speaker and writer on topics related to trauma, relationships, and mental health.

Tamara enjoys educating readers and listeners to the “secrets” of the mental health system and offering suggestions on how to navigate it appropriately.

Tamara is a regular contributor and columnist to the blog section of


Examples of national and international contributions:

Print, online, radio


National Board For Certified Counselors – Minority Fellowship Program

Adolescent Suicide: 15 Things We Tend To Miss 

The Association For Child and Adolescent Mental Health – United Kingdom

Should mental health therapists understand intergenerational trauma? – United States 

Who is helping you raise the next generation?

How to apologize to your kids

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Does a stressed-out mom give her kids an edge?


Psychcentral/Caregivers – United States 

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Learning How To Cope With Depression

Overcoming Judgmental Attitudes: 4 Truths About Judging

Video: Understanding How Mania Controls Behavior

Mental Illness & Chemical Dependence

History Of The “Dangerousness” Criteria Of Involuntary Commitment

38 Tips For Finding Ways to Relax


PsychAlive – United States 

Speaking up for our children: Suicide Prevention

Keeping depression at bay: Embracing new purpose during the holiday

6 things kids need from adults to feel valued


Podcast and Radio Engagements – United States, United Kingdom, Canada

Ginger Kadlec

Laura Reagan, LCSW-S

Mental Health Matters

Yvonne Pierre Radio show

Doctor Gordon Atherley

Louise Uwacu

Philippe Matthew TV Show


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