Borderline Personality And Connections To Trauma

Borderline Personality DisorderBorderline personality disorder (BPD) is complicated. It may take years before it is correctly identified or diagnosed.

For many of my young female clients, the most terrifying part of the disorder, for them, is the emotional chaos and disconnectedness that can occur in moments of intense emotions

In this article (and video), I discuss the connection between BPD and traumatic histories.

Suffering and Treatment

BPD is a very challenging and complex disorder to treat. Dr. Blaise Aguirre, a recognized child and adolescent researcher of BPD, states that about 11% of clients with the disorder end up in outpatient settings, while about 20% are in inpatient settings with a comorbid diagnosis.

That 20% cannot thrive outside of a structured mental health setting. Relationship patterns are often difficult and emotionally chaotic. Impulse control is very poor. Frequent self-defeating thoughts may arise daily. And suicidal thoughts and self-harm are often lurking around the corner for many.


Understanding BPD and Trauma

We must keep in mind that not everyone with BPD reacts the same or experiences life in the same way. In the following videos, I am describing those with difficult symptoms.

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