Borderline Personality | Mother & Daugther DUO

Borderline Personality Disorder can complicate the interactions of a household.

Sometimes #BPD (or borderline personality disorder) can cause a lot of challenges — if untreated or poorly treated — in one household.

Imagine what life would be like if you lived in a house with a sibling and mother who has BPD and the challenges that it could cause in terms of:


-stormy #communication styles

-envy or resentment

-uncontrollable #anger

-emotional dysregulation

#paranoia and some level of “#psychosis” when under extreme stress

-accusatory and confrontational

-fear of abandonment

All of these things can create a very intense home environment.

In tonight’s video (7:00pm est), I will review what life might look like for someone living in a home like this.