Childhood Suicide: 9 Tips for Parents and Teachers

Discussing the topic of suicide has always been a challenge. As a mental health therapist, my job has always been to educate society in such a way that they realize how serious mental illness can be and will strive to be compassionate, understanding, and well-informed. Getting society to understand certain concepts related to adults has always been easier. But when a child is discussed, society either minimizes problems, ignores them, or can’t understand them.

That’s why I decided to accept an invitation from to host a webinar on childhood suicide.

Firstly, I would like to rave about for a moment. is a wonderful website and initiative focused on providing top-notch content for teachers and educators across the nation. They have a large audience of teachers (some old and some new) who are looking to become more informed about things relevant to youths today. They focus on topics such as cyber bullying, using technology, finding teaching aids, engaging kids and teens in educational settings, and now suicide.

I was invited to come back for another round of webinars focused on the topic of suicide. In January of 2017, I focused extensively on teens. This time around, June 2017, I focused on children. The topic is never an easy topic. But it is surely an important one.

Where to see the webinar

If you would like to tune into the webinar free of charge, I have provided it below. Please feel free to leave your questions and comments.