Childhood Trauma: Are You An Adult Impacted?

Childhood TraumaChildhood trauma can follow you into adulthood. It isn’t something that easily overcome by perseverance and moving into the future.

Childhood trauma requires an understanding of how it has impacted you in your life.

In this article, I discuss the ACE questionnaire and some things you need to be aware of.Childhood trauma can result in years of problems in adulthood such as relationship instability, low self-esteem, impulsivity, inattentiveness and challenges with staying focused in life, depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts and attempts, substance abuse, etc.

When trauma occurs at young ages the brain is greatly impacted. This requires a specialist to identify neurological limitations and suggest an appropriate treatment plan.

ACE Questionnaire

Taking the ACE questionnaire is the first step toward understanding what has happened to you. The ACE questionnaire consists of a variety of questions to help you identify the impact of childhood trauma. It focuses on risk factors (things that make us more vulnerable to difficulties in our lives) and the impact these have had on you.


In this video, I provide the ACE test in the description box.

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