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The Racial Trauma Handbook for Teens
Tamara Hill, LPC
Instant Help Books
c/o New Harbinger Press
5674 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609
9781648480126, $17.95, PB, 168pp

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Synopsis: If a teenager or someone in their family has experienced racism or racial trauma (such as discrimination or racial violence) they may feel like the experience has made them different from other teens.

They may now see the world as a scary or unjust place. And they may struggle with negative thoughts, sadness, anger, resentment, or shame.

Over time, these negative thoughts and feelings can get in the way of school, friendships, and being their best. But there are ways a teenager can move forward and start living the life they deserve.

With the publication of “The Racial Trauma Handbook for Teens: CBT Skills to Heal from the Personal and Intergenerational Trauma of Racism”, Tamara Hill presents evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) skills to help a teenager overcome personal and intergenerational trauma, increase self-awareness, and build lasting confidence.

They will learn how trauma can change the way you see yourself, and how you can break this cycle by learning more about your culture or heritage.

Most importantly, They will find tools to help them balance their emotions, and put a stop to unwanted thoughts and memories associated with trauma, so that they can find lasting peace of mind.

Racial trauma doesn’t need to define who you are. With “The Racial Trauma Handbook for Teens” as a guide, teenagers can heal from the past, discover their own hidden strengths, and cultivate a sense of pride in their identity and their place in the world.
Critique: Especially in this age of social media, teens and young adults are confronted with seemingly unending trauma from hostile sources. “The Racial Trauma Handbook for Teens: CBT Skills to Heal from the Personal and Intergenerational Trauma of Racism” is exceptionally well written, organized and presented so as to be thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ and appropriate for children ages 13 to 18. While an especially and unreservedly recommended addition to family, middle school, highschool, and community library collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that “The Racial Trauma Handbook for Teens” is also available in a digital book format (Kindle, $9.99).

Editorial Note: Tamara Hill is a licensed clinical child and family therapist, and an internationally/board-certified trauma therapist who specializes in treating children, adolescents, and families who suffer from mood disorders, unresolved trauma, and disruptive behavioral disorders. She is a founder of Anchored Child & Family Counseling located in Pittsburgh, PA.