Clinical Assessments I Use In Therapy

Beck Anxiety Inventory: (with this assessment you are instructed to read the questions and answer them based on the last 2 weeks. You sum the numbers you have circled. The higher the score, the worse your anxiety. This self-report is based on your subjective view of yourself and the feelings/physiological sensations/emotions you have experienced. If you would like to talk to me about what to do next (if you have a high score), you may email me at

Beck Depression Inventory: This self-report is very similar to the Beck Anxiety Inventory except for that it measures your mood and any feelings of depression you may be experiencing. All you have to do is answer each question and score which number reflects how you feel and sum your answers. The higher the score, the worse your depression.

Both of these assessments are good to use prior to or after a series of counseling sessions to see what your level of anxiety and depression is. Most insurance companies love when therapists use scales/self-reports like this because it provides an objective view of your symptoms.

If you have questions about these self-reports, let me know.

If you have not seen my most recent video on this topic it is below: