Communication: Dealing With Challenging Families In School (Webinar)

Communication with parents can be very challenging. No matter what you may do or say, miscommunication is likely to occur.

What do you do when you are stuck trying to support and understand a difficult parent?

This article will discuss ways to survive and support difficult families.

Communication can be very difficult with challenging families. These families often struggle with behavioral and mental health problems, have low income, are single-parent households, and need a lot of community support.  Teachers and mental health professionals who must work with challenging families need all the support they can get.

In the webinar below, I discuss a variety of ways to protect yourself and put yourself in the best position possible to work peacefully with these families. In addition, I also discuss ways to understand difficult families. It is only when we correctly identify their limitations, weaknesses, and needs that we are able to truly help them.


Learn more about this topic in the educational webinar below: