Consequences: Emotionally Detached Parents & Adult Children

Emotionally detached parentsThe consequences of having a parent who is emotionally detached from you can have a major impact on your life for a very long time.

Understanding who you are, what has happened to you, and how to heal is essential to your continual development.

In this article (and video), discuss ways that you can begin to heal from these destructive parents as an adult.



Common traits of emotionally detached parents

Behaviors, emotions, or “symptoms” often representative of adults who are emotionally immature and detached include but are not limited to:

  • rigidity (unwillingness to be flexible when needed),
  • low-stress tolerance (inability to tolerate stress in a mature manner),
  • emotional instability with aggression (anger outbursts characterized by threats of physical aggression, suicidal gesture, cutting behaviors or other acts of self-harm),
  • poor boundaries (desiring to be their child’s friend instead of a parent),
  • unstable relationships (multiple partners or friends who create more trouble than peace),
  • attention-seeking (looking for accolades, recognition, or support at all costs) among many other characteristics.

Tragically, the affected children often develop into teenagers and adults who also struggle with life.


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