Detached Parents: Signs Your Parent Can’t Connect

Detached Parnts
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Emotionally detached parents can truly destroy a child’s life, functionality, zeal, and peace. The effects can follow children way into adulthood. It’s a sad reality that most people fail to consider.

No one ever wants to believe that a parent would do anything harmful to their child. But the reality is that there are some parents who simply don’t care. We must also keep in mind that some parents cannot manage the duties of being a parent, which results in the child being neglected and even abused.

In this video, I discuss emotionally detached parents and their characteristics.

Who are emotionally detached parents?

Managing a child with behavior problems is difficult. But things become more difficult as the child matures and begins to show behaviors in the school system. Once behaviors start coming out in the school or the home, things can go from mediocre to worse.

Things get worse when the reality of an immature parent comes to light. Immature parents tend to lack the structure, confidence, and education needed to raise a child. In many of these cases the parent(s) often face a cascade of challenges as a result of their negligence. Some of these consequences are legal.


In this video, I discuss emotionally detached parents and the characteristics they possess.


In this video, I discuss the traumatic impact of parental emotional detachment and the impact it can have on children throughout the lifespan.

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This article was originally published 6/10/2018 but has been updated to reflect accuracy and comprehensiveness.