Discussion: Answering Your Mental Health Questions & Recognition

Discussion on mental healthOne of the most important uses for Youtube is the coming together of people, from all walks of life, to share in on a specific topic.

#Youtube has allowed me to share information with people from around the world.

It has given me access to people in need of hope, motivation, and knowledge.

In this video, I discuss a few frequently asked questions, review psychological concepts, and recognize those who deserve it.



This is a small break to recognize a few of you and address your questions and comments. We’ll get right back into the topic of trauma on Wednesday. Let me know your thoughts about this style of video!


Mentioned in the video:

1. Gypsy Rose: 9:40 https://www.biography.com/news/gypsy-…

2. JtFacts comment https://youtu.be/xSB3Ao5yFJE.