Disruptive Behaviors: When Children “Fail” In School

Behavioral problemsDisruptive behaviors can truly damage a child’s education and social reputation. The behaviors are often in response to feeling a variety of emotions during the school day.

Most of the kids I see for therapy struggle with behaviors because of a lack of interest in the school subjects, lack of connection to teachers, and difficult relationships with peers.

In this article (and video), I discuss disruptive behavior disorders and an alternative view of children who struggle in school.

What is disruptive behavior disorder?

Disruptive behavior disorder includes a host of behaviors that interfere with a child’s overall functioning within the home, school, or community and sometimes all three settings. Disruptive behaviors make it difficult for kids to focus in school, follow rules, listen to parents, fall in line with other kids, and learn from mistakes.

Disruptive behaviors can be exacerbated by everyday stressors (such as management of homework and schedules) or complicated family dynamics (such as divorce, severe and untreated mental illness, and parent-child conflict). Disruptive behaviors can also damage a child’s reputation in the eyes of the school district. This can be very difficult for the child.


An alternative view of behavioral problems (part 2)

In this video, I discuss a different way to look at kids who are struggling in school with behavioral problems. I also highlight a different way to approach these kids.

An alternative view (part 3)

In this video, I discuss an email I received from a parent struggling with her child.


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