Divorce: 5 Ways To Get Relief From Stress & Sadness

Divorce Have you ever been through a divorce? If so, what was the worst part about it?

If not, what would be the worst part about it for you?

When I speak with parents and families about their divorce, the most common question I get it “how do I get through this?” This question is often a blanket-statement about emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

In this article (and video), I discuss a few ways to cope with the entire process of divorce.

What families experience

Coping with a divorce is most difficult to young children who have little to no understanding of why. Understanding “why” can make the transition a lot easier for families, but certainly does not remove the pain associated with the family breaking up and starting all over again.

It is often helpful for parents to explain to children what is likely to happen during the divorce and after the divorce. They want to know if they will ever see that other parent again and if things will change for the worse.


Ways to cope and overcome emotional and psychological distress

When working with these distressed families, I encourage the family to engage in positive interactions in order to overcome the negativity often associated with divorce. While things are being re-arranged including many emotions, increasing positive experiences can serve as a great protective mechanism.

A protective mechanism is a great way to block the effects of the transition and change. Grief and loss is still likely to occur (even among the divorcing spouses), but too much grief can lead to multiple setbacks. Having the right tools is smart. In this video, I discuss it a bit further: