“Do BAD PARENTS EXIST?” | Why It’s Okay To Call Some PARENTS “Bad”

Do bad parents exist?

I LOVE and RESPECT good parents. They often give themselves to their children and ensures the child has access to not only things to support their basic needs — but love, compassion, education, and emotional support.

So what happens to the person who has “bad parents?”

A bad parent can be defined as a parent who engages in the following behaviors:

-Substance abuse, prostitution, & child neglect

-Willfully putting the child in harms way

-Neglecting the needs of the child to satisfy their own needs

-Engages in sabotaging the child (or adult child) out of jealousy or greed

-Manipulates the child into trusting them only to later deceive them

-Having an emotional or sexual affair with the child’s spouse (this does happen!)

-Engaging in dangerous behaviors with the child (or adult child)

In this video, I discuss the “bad parent” and the behaviors that can destroy your adulthood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDAifGGiep0.