Dr. Russell Morfitt Discusses His Online Anxiety Program


How would you feel if you could stay home, open your computer or laptop, and have a therapy session? What about if your therapist offered to speak with you over Skype or some other online platform? Would you feel like a fish out of water or would you very much like to try that experience? What about if your anxiety was so bad that you couldn’t leave your home? For many people suffering from agoraphobia (fear of open places/spaces), panic disorders (panic attacks), or generalized anxiety disorder (anxiety triggered by worry of multiple things), it’s like heaven on earth to do therapy at home in one’s pajamas.

This is one of the reasons why Dr. Morfitt has decided to start his online therapeutic services titled LearnToLive. Dr. Morfitt’s team and I have communicated via Twitter and email quite a few times and most of his teams’ information is geared toward normalizing the experiencing of anxiety, making tools available to people who cannot see him face-to-face, and bringing awareness to the crippling components of anxiety using his website and social media platforms.

The field of psychiatry, psychology, and counseling has both a scientific and artistic component to it. All treatment for mental health conditions are built on both a scientific and artistic foundation. It is common consensus in the healthcare field that science is often limited and requires someone who can incorporate just the right amount of art to give patients or client exactly what they need. When a therapist can see holes in the system and creates a program to fill the space where the hole is, that is art. Science is book knowledge, while art is skill, ability, compassion, and intuition. I would have to say that Dr. Morfitt has ventured to create a both scientifically and artistically sound service for international clients in need of support.


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