Education: Welcome To My New Mental Health YouTube Channel

My YouTube Channel
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Education truly is power.

Welcome to the start of my Youtube Channel on mental health education. So glad you are here!

Stay tuned for a host of educational videos of me discussing relationships, mental health in the workplace, psychotherapy, diagnoses, trauma, personality disorders, bullying and how to help your child, and other similar topics. I will also offer tips and guidance on how to overcome challenges.

Official launch date is 1/5/18.

What will the channel be about?

This developing YouTube channel will be a back-and-forth dialogue between you, me, and other viewers. Ask me questions, give feedback, and suggest topics. You can find some links to my channel on the home page.

What’s next?

You may also subscribe to my channel and click the bell to receive updates on new videos and click thumbs up to help others find the video. Blog posts will be posted every Wednesday to ( at 6am. Articles on this website will be posted every Friday which will include tips, how-tos, and questions from viewers.

How can we stay informed about what’s coming up?

Feel free to visit me on Twitter @therapisttee as I tweet daily. You may also sign up for my website articles and newsletter on the home page to stay up to date on new videos every Friday, articles, podcasts, and blogs.