Embracing A New Definition Of Love

Love is more than a feeling of butterflies at the thought of one’s beloved or a fleeting desire and stream of words in a love ballad. Love is complex and entails a silent thread by which we connect to another without consent. We have very little control over its power. Love crosses racial, social, and even physical barriers. It is so mysteriously psychological, emotional, and divine.

Pure love is transcendent and displays itself as unconditional care for another human being because they are human.


True love is caring and self-sacrificial. We must be careful not to love on condition, only when our needs are met, dreams fulfilled, or desires reciprocated. Love is dependent upon what your heart wants to give without strings attached. Read more at my site Caregivers, Family, & Friends

I encourage you to learn about and spread love in more ways than one every single day of your life!

All the best

Creative Commons License photo credit: Ammgramm