Family Trauma | “How Did My FAMILY Do This To ME?”

Family trauma can come in many forms.

Attachment trauma is one way it occurs in families.

“Do I have poor attachment with my parent” was a question that was asked of me 8 years ago when seeing an adult victim of narcissistic parenting.

He was a successful and bright young man with many talents in cyber security. He struggled all his life with feeling insecure, avoidant, and emotionally displaced.

He struggled with dissociation in many of his relationships. He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t control his fear of closeness.

Attachment and family trauma can not only impact you as a child but also impact you as an adult. The experiences of your past can truly impede upon your current life.

In this video, I discuss different kinds of attachment – from a family trauma perspective – you may have experienced growing up and the impact it can have on your adult life.