FAQ’s: Psychological Trauma and My Approach To Treatment

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I am a licensed therapist, train in trauma-based techniques and theory, treating children, teens, parents, families, caregivers, and young adults struggling with life transitions, psychological trauma, grief, and loss. 

What is your approach?

I have 11 years experience working in the mental health field. I have 5 years of experience being certified through the International Association of Trauma Professionals. When I work with individuals struggling with psychological trauma, I seek to build an authentic relationship with the patient/client.

What’s the most important part of trauma-therapy?

Without a safe relationship, counseling is a waste of time. I believe good therapeutic work stems from a positive relationship between patient/client and therapist.

Once the relationship is built we can begin to explore what the needs are, how to move forward, and how to build skills for the future.

Who do you treat?

I treat children, teens, parents, families, caregivers, and young adults struggling with the reality of a traumatic situation or series of events.

What do you focus on treating?

My counseling approach is focused on providing education and identifying the physiological, psychological, neurological, and emotional aspects of psychological trauma. Trauma is a full-body experience. It affects every function of your body. Until patients/clients are able to feel safe, heard, and understood, the negative consequences of a traumatic experience are likely to lead to further challenges.

The goal is to reduce defensiveness, fear, and anxiety so real work can begin.

What are common challenges you treat that kids and teens experience after a traumatic event?

  • Problems with school attendance and academic performance
  • Poor parent-child relationship
  • Oppositional behaviors and emotional outbursts
  • Poor attention-span and under-performance in school
  • Suicidal thoughts and self-injurious behaviors

The list goes on and on.


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