Getting to know the Histrionic personality

Are you familiar with an emotionally dramatic, stage performing, highly narcissistic individual who devalues everyone around him or her? Do you find yourself in repeated arguments or confrontations with this person because they feel “unfairly treated” ? If so, you might be dealing with a histrionic personality.

As a therapist, my journey with personality disorders has been tough. Although I specialize in behavioral and mood disorders, personality disorders are often concurrent with depression, anxiety, or oppositional traits in the adolescent population. A recent experience with a histrionic individual reminded me of the serious and damaging nature of cluster B disorders. A histrionic individual, primarily women, have the ability to not only drain others, but control their emotions with their dramatic displays of anger, resentment, self-love, and devaluation of others. They can be dangerously convincing to someone who is unfamiliar with histrionic personality traits. They can convince an audience of severe abuse or maltreatment and often seem to control the emotions of others with their expansive emotions. It can be almost impossible to not believe a histrionic personality. Their emotional upset and sometimes alluring personality and appearance can make it difficult to decipher truth from fiction with these individuals.


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