GoodTherapy Training 9/6/2019 Resources

Tamara Hill, LPCFirstly, I want to thank for inviting me back another year to lead a webinar on teen suicide and the impact of suicide-contagion. In this post you will find some of the links discussed during the webinar. If you did not attend the webinar today you can learn more about upcoming webinars at

  1. Michelle Carter was sentenced for sending a series of text messages to her boyfriend who later committed suicide. Video of trial sentence The case gained major publicity and caused researchers to revisit the topic of suicide-contagion
  2. Mass Shooter Training was released after the incident in El Paso Texas by NetCe and offers CEUs to LPC, LCSW’s, etc. You can find the Course Content – #96430: Mass Shooters and Murderers: Motives and Paths – NetCE on their website
  3. My book on teen suicide:
  4. Article focusing on some research about suicide – contagion
  5. Sorrows of Young Wether book –
  6. *VERY GRAPHIC video of Dwyer’s suicide caught on Youtube. After his suicide was posted on Youtube, a series of suicidal thoughts were expressed from those who watched

If you have questions about the webinar today or would like further resources, feel free to email me at