How To Cope With Mother’s Day

Happy..Happy.. Mother's Day :-)..
Happy..Happy.. Mother’s Day :-).. (Photo credit: Thai Jasmine (…Smile..))

Good mothers are always mothers to be treasured. Do you have a mom who needs to be treasured this Mother’s Day? If so, you are blessed to have such a wonderful mom. Many people do not have loving relationships with their mothers and often grieve and feel depressed during this time. Others have lost their mother to death. But there are things you can do to combat feelings of depression during this time:

  1. Think of your mommy-figure: Has there been someone in your life who has operated in the role of a mother to you? An adopted or step parent, a neighbor, a grandparent, a sister, an aunt? Mommy-figures should be treasured as well because they mean something special. Some mommy-figures give of themselves in much the same way as real mothers do. Let them know you are grateful.
  2. Treat yourself: Mother’s Day is a time that many adult children do things for mom. But if you don’t have a mom during this time treat yourself. Make dinner reservations for you and someone you love, buy your sister or aunt or yourself some flowers, take a short weekend vacation, or put together a small dinner party.
  3. Distract yourself: Do something to get your mind off of Mother’s Day. Treat yourself kindly.
  4. Look back: Even though grief is often quite high around this time of year, you may be able to look at photos or videos of your mom and celebrate her life. If your mom was someone who made your world complete, celebrate by doing something she loved to do, listening to music she loved, lighting a candle and thinking about her, write about her (journal), or even visit her burial site. I strongly urge you to consider how strong you are before you visit her burial site. If you aren’t 100% ready yet, don’t go or if you do go, take someone with you.
  5. Embrace God: For a lot of people it is difficult to get through Mother’s Day without a mother to talk to, to hold, or love. Some people are even angry with God for taking their mom. But consider who God has been in your life or can be, if you are a Believer. God has supplied you with many of the same things a mother would (food, shelter, motivation, love, and more). He has a plan for your life and sometimes His plans don’t always fit our expectations or desires. But keep in mind that He might have an ultimate purpose for you that you cannot see at the moment.

I couldn’t imagine losing my mother. She is everything to me at this moment in my life. But I do realize that I will have to face the reality of losing her one day. While she’s here, however, I want to show her all the love I can. So if your mom is still here, show her love while you can.

To find ways to treasure mom this Mother’s Day without paying a fortune, visit my sister-site at PsychCentral’s Caregivers, Family, & Friends!  Feel free to post your thoughts.

All the best to you!