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What is #trauma #healing to you? What is healing from your narcissistic #family?

Is healing something that you achieve by doing hard work and working through whatever it is that has harmed you?

Is healing something you have very little hope in because it never arrived in your life before?

Whatever your definition or experience of healing is you can certainly achieve it but only with the correct set of eyes.

The “lens” you see your life through has to be adjusted based on reality — and not a false understanding of what healing is.

You can heal. You can change. You can grow.

But it has to happen when you achieve and apply the correct lens. In this video, in this live chat and video I discuss healing from the narcissistic parent and toxic family.

HEAL From TOXIC & #NARCISSISTIC #FAMILY | LIVE CHAT & VIDEO https://youtu.be/dTSyltGlOXI via @YouTube