Healing From Trauma: 7 Signs You Aren’t Ready

Family traumaEmotional trauma is a physiological, psychological, psychological, and neurobiological process that takes a toll on your entire person. It can be experienced in many ways and it isn’t something you can easily get over.

In this video, I will discuss the 7 signs you may not be ready to move forward from that traumatic event you experienced.

Healing from trauma can take many years. You have to get to an emotional and psychological place of wanting to change and experience a better life. Most people get to this place after years of living life for others and not themselves.

Sadly, this choice can lead to years of depression and unresolved anxiety. Depression and anxiety often leads to anhedonia (lack of interest in things once enjoyed) and lack of motivation.

Without the motivation to move forward, you are likely to stay “stuck.” “Stuckness” isn’t 100% your fault because trauma, as stated above, tends to negatively impact the brain and your ability to be resilient.

The first step toward moving forward is by recognizing you are “stuck” and need a push. Healing will follow recognition of where you are in the grief and loss process.


In this video, I provide an overview of how trauma impacts your brain.


In this video, I discuss the 7 signs you haven’t healed from trauma.


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This article was originally published 2/25/19 but has been updated to reflect comprehensiveness and accuracy.