Holiday: Re-experiencing Trauma (LIVE replay)

Experiencing traumaHoliday time can be very difficult for those who have experienced trauma.

Re-experiencing of trauma during holiday time is very typical because this time of year often includes memories and flashbacks.

In this live replay discussion from Youtube, I will be discussing various ways to keep yourself healthy.

How did you do for Thanksgiving this year? Did you make it through without any issues?

For many of the people I speak to on Youtube, through consultations, or during counseling the holidays requires a certain level of energy to get through. I agree.

The holidays used to take a lot out of me until I got to place of greater understand.

It wasn’t until I figured out what the holidays truly should be about and how to manage it that I found freedom. I share some of my tips in this live Youtube chat.

Note: You will get the most benefit from this chat by following the comments in the chat replay section to the right of the screen on a desktop or laptop computer. Or below the video on a phone.



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