Home-schooling, is it for you?

educationSome parents have asked me if homeschooling is worth the plunge, especially for a child with mental health or behavioral problems and special needs. I often say “yes” because many children thrive better at home with multiple extracurricular activities and structure. I was one of them! Homeschooling can be a wonderful endeavor with or without money. Support is utopia, but if you don’t have that, you can still homeschool. It doesn’t take a lot of money or even time to homeschool. When you give your life to your child through home-education, you dictate the schedule, the regimen, the way your school year is going to go.


The problem is often that parents are fearful that they will have to follow the schedule of the schools, contend with school districts, and worry about teaching their children every single subject. But the wonderful gift of home-schooling is that many school districts must legally help you with tools and resources, can direct you to certified education evaluators who can determine if you are one the right track in your teaching, and provide testing materials. Of course, your child’s home education will look different from mainstream school, but that is the point! You don’t necessarily want your child to have the same education as public school, you want your child to learn at their own pace, develop in their own way, and pursue their strengths. Mainstream public education does not allow this because every child is held in grades associated with their age, not their ability.


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