How discussion opens doors

NAMIYesterday I spoke with two awesome gentlemen from the New Jersey area NAMI group. These two guys host a weekly radio show through Hunterdon Chamber Radio on Mental Health Matters. Our discussion revolved around parents, families, and caregivers and included everything from talking about suicide, surviving within a very politically controlled, unfair mental health system, staying afloat as a parent, being valued and respected by mental health professionals, laws, civil commitment, and finding your voice as a parent, family member, or caretaker of someone with a mental health condition.

One of the most powerful aspects of this discussion was not the topics themselves, but the building of rapport, commonalities, kindness, and reciprocal ideas, worries, and frustrations. The power of discussion can move a mountain when the right people collaborate. Discussion opens avenues for greater insights, levels of expertise, and motivation. I can honestly say I walked away from the discussion feeling renewed, motivated to continue pushing for change within our mental health system, and further empowering families worldwide.

When you walk away from a conversation feeling turbo-charged for the future, you know something meaningful occurred and that the best is yet to come. There is hope for the future when discussions open new insights.

To listen to the radio recording, visit this site:
To learn more about the show, visit their facebook page!

I wish you all the best!