How I Treat Suicidal Youths

I have always believed that suicide is the result of unresolved conflict under the surface of an emotional facade. I have always believed that suicidal was a cry for help, a cry for meaning, a cry for restoration, and a cry for an escape. it isn’t an unnatural state of existence. In fact, I believe it to a very human state of existence that, if honest, a lot of people can relate to.

When I treat families who have a child or teen struggling with suicidal thoughts my first line of intervention is empathy and compassion. It is important that families develop empathy and compassion for the one considering suicide. Empathy and compassion can be lost in a family sea of frustration, anger, and fatigue.

The second line of intervention is education. You need to know what is truly going on and how to intervene. Following 2-3 sessions of education and insight building, I then expect families to use what they know to incorporate changes or incorporate a crisis plan.

The ultimate goal for counseling is to build insight, build knowledge, build strength, and then a plan for tackling daily life.


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