How To Find The Right Trauma Therapist: 7 Tips To Help You

is therapy worth the moneyHow to find the right trauma therapist takes time.

It takes patience and perseverance as well.

In order to heal from the place you are in it is important to identify the right treatment provider.

The wrong treatment provider could mean years of wasted time.

In this article, I discuss what to look for in a trauma therapist.

What to look for

Certification: Trauma certification is important because it proves that they have gone through the needed training and experiences to treat you properly. Without certification the individual may not quite understand the theories and techniques that are deemed “trauma-informed.”

A provider that is experienced and mature: You need a provider who has experience in treating needs such as yours. While recent graduate students bring creativity and freshness to the table, I suggest choosing your provider wisely and understanding their years of experience.

A provider who is grounded in therapy and knowledge: Theory helps providers understand your situation and do what is known as “case conceptualization.” If I don’t have a theoretical basis how can I help you figure out how to move from point A to point B?

Structure and comprehensiveness: Scheduling sessions and following a treatment course using worksheets, homework, etc. can be very helpful to trauma clients/patients. Worksheets can be incorporated as needed to help you learn new ways of thinking.

A humble provider who seeks what they don’t know: You want a provider who can give you knowledge and proper care but who also has the humility of reaching out for consultation and other treatment for the client/patient.

A provider who has a comprehensive assessment process: A provider who knows how to administer assessments, tests, and do a thorough treatment process for you.

A provider who can hold you accountable: Holding you accountable means pushing you when you don’t want to be pushed. Holding you accountable means challenging you to face your fears. Having a provider like this can result in great gains in your overall care.