Reaching Out To Families Impacted By Hurricane Harvey


Reaching out is all I can think about.

When you think about the victims of hurricane Harvey, what comes to your mind?

Do you find yourself wondering why questioning God? If so, you are like the millions of Americans today wondering how they’re going to get over this traumatic situation.

This video will discuss the impact of Hurricane Harvey on all Americans today, especially those directly afflicted by the event. You can also find my article on the trauma associated with natural disasters tomorrow on my blog (see end of article).

How has Hurricane Harvey impacted its victims?

As I sat and watched the news coverage of hurricane Harvey all day yesterday (8/29), I found myself heartbroken  by one fundamental truth. That truth is that we are all in need of each other’s grace, mercy, compassion, and understanding. None of us are excluded from the reality that we as humans need each other to survive.

If we didn’t have each other to survive, what would we do? How would those who cannot swim, do not have shelter, cannot find loved ones, or cannot secure food survive without the helpful hand of another? It would be almost impossible. As a result, I encourage you to reach out to the victims and join me in bringing awareness.

Call to action

Tune into my blog tomorrow, August 30th at to learn about the traumatic impact of natural disasters on its victims and the potential challenges the displaced families will likely encounter. I will also be adding links to previous articles about the impact of trauma.

I also encourage you to contact your local Red Cross Organization to donate or volunteer. They need you more than ever.