Introducing my new video blog!

Hello everyone,

So happy to announce that I will be launching, January 25, 2018, a weekly video blog on topics relating to mental health, diagnoses, relationships, counseling, trauma, healing, loss and grief, and other topics of interest right here on my website at: You will also have an opportunity to ask me questions that I will answer in my videos.

Every Friday, beginning January 25, 2018, you will find an audio or video blog of me personally discussing a topic I have chosen for the week. Audio or video posts will have something to do with a client I have counseled in the past, a question that has come up for the week, a topic that may be discussed in the news, a topic suggested by a reader, or a very interesting topic that has come up in my life (personally or professionally).


Where can I find videos and are they free?

Video blogs allow us to connect visually and gives each topic an added level of interest. You can find all of my videos here on my website. They will be listed under the video blog link on the front page. I will also be posting these videos to a video-posting platform which gives you the opportunity (with proper citation) to share the videos with a link. At this time, shorter version videos come to you free of charge.

Stay tuned for the launch of more video blog previews beginning October of 2017!


PREVIEW (this beautiful photo was taken in my car on a trip out of the country).