“Is Marijuana Unsafe?” The Science Of THC & The Brain

Marijuana and mental illnessWhat do you think about that politically charged and easily accessible drug called marijuana?

In this video, I bring up some of the neuroscience behind marijuana including drugs in general. This is part 1 to a 2-part series on this topic. Next week we will revisit this topic as I discuss medications and their potential side effects.

I get questions from all over the world about this daily! It’s amazing how so many people hold polarized views about this in all sectors of the world. Despite these politically charged views, we need to look at the biological and neuroscientific effects of using THC to self-medicate or heal certain ailments.

In this video, I am strictly focusing on the biology and neuroscience of THC and how it affects the brain. Next week we will follow up on this topic by discussing the psychological, emotional, and cognitive effects of THC and prescription drugs.

Why do we need to talk about this?

It’s always useful to explore, no matter how politically charged a topic may be, what goes into our bodies as there is often major consequences to the long-term use of medications and other drugs.


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