Looking Back: My Top Comments Of 2019 On Youtube!

YoutubeLooking back isn’t always pleasurable.

But sometimes we need to look back in order to look forward.

I want to take this time to look back over some key moments with people I have grown to like and speak to off screen.

In today’s video, I review some of my top comments of 2019. I also discuss how we can heal from a nation  in chaos in the new year.

For my audience of trauma-healing seekers it appears the community I’ve built on Youtube has really been beneficial to them.

I can take any of the credit as I firmly believe that my mission is to provide value wherever I go even if a large audience isn’t plugged in.

If my community and videos touches the life of 1 person I’ve done my job.

My top comments of 2019

How To Heal From National Chaos in 2020