Media exploitation over CT shootings

Ring bound notebook
Ring bound notebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have witnessed a “storm” of various reports on narcissism, Asperger’s Syndrome, arrogance, poor parenting, school security, gun control, opportunists, introversion, and quietness in youth  following the Connecticut school shootings. It’s as if this tragedy has hit a nerve across the nation and has spun us all into a panic to consider various reasons for senseless acts.


As much as we want to make sense out of this horrible event, we must be mindful of the messages we are putting out into the world, into the media. We want to eradicate erroneous assumptions and perpetuate a more concrete, intelligent, and well thought out explanation. How can we execute this if we are sensationalizing our own ideas? We don’t want to be a vehicle of greater confusion.


Media contributors, bloggers, and writers should strive to lend comfort through truth and a balanced perspective. What matters is helping society garner direction for tomorrow.