Loss: Can You Be Traumatized By Grief?

Grief and lossLoss can change your life forever.

It can lead to a major transformation or a major hole in your heart.

Going through the process of grief requires courage, introspection, and faith.

Without it loss and grief can feel traumatic.

In this video, I discuss the process of loss and grief and the impact it can have on us for a lifetime.

In this video, I use some examples from my personal experience to discuss the process of traumatic grief and loss.

Traumatic grief is a field of study in and of itself. Although research is limited on this topic, the current research we have demonstrates the emotional and psychological challenges those in grief face.

Research suggests that ongoing difficulties are common for those who have experienced a traumatic loss.

According to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (2020), children who have experienced a traumatic loss can have ongoing difficulties that can become childhood trauma and impact them for years to come.

It is important society understands the grieving process isn’t always as easy as it may appear to some.


*VIDEO mentioned at 11:28 : https://youtu.be/QbRh917mbKg